Proprietary Technologies

We have evolved in such an environment that we had to create our proprietary technologies to understand complex campaign data outputs. This development process took us on the path of handling big data arrays. Similarly, creating data visualizations for campaign outcomes put us on the trail of technology developing. Since we started to optimize the sales funnels of our clients, the need to integrate platforms and reports urged us to develop proprietary technology in Business Intelligence.

The Digital Transformation of organizations and people demands specific solutions, therefore, we ask you for your brief; our team of programmers and data architects are ready to bring you a solution.

Garritz DNA

Our DNA interface allows us to follow the performance of online media campaigns and their outcomes. Online media is always optimizable, as a result, a dynamic interface brings business intelligence in a blink of an eye.

Data Goes Viral

An easy to configure data visualization tool, allows the user to handle complex data arrays. It makes it easier to look for trends, statistic matches and insights.

Garritz Pipeline

This tool, part of our proprietary technologies, allows us to manage international sales forces, therefore, to control their performance.

Garritz Funnel

We created this tool to visualize the sales funnel, then integrate it to an attribution model, consequently, delivering media optimization techniques to it.

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