Garritz International – Global Agency

Our clients relationships have taken us to a global expansion adventure. As we go further in our globalization journey,  we gradually expand our presence by opening offices in strategically chosen cities. Our vision of a global agency relies on a local approach, in order to understand better the cultural needs of toady’s global environment.

First, we started in Mexico City serving clients for Mexico and other Central and South American markets. Then, we started our expansion in the US opening in New York City. Probably, Europe represents one of the most dynamic markets in online media, therefore, Germany was the next opening option for us: Frankfurt.

We wanted to expand our presence in the US, as a result, we chose Dallas and Denver as options, above all, because of the dynamics of those economies: Colorado’s economy is growing rapidly fueled by energy and real estate. Dallas, as capital of Texas, has been articulating a strong relationship with the Latin American region. Our hispanics heritage is also a reason to be in these markets.

We decided to open offices in Prague, therefore, we can serve clients in east Europe.

We will start our Asia expansion in the period 2018-2020 with presence in Dubai, Beijing and Singapur.

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